Photo: provided by UPD

«By choosing onway to support our mobile services, we can instead focus our IT department’s resources on our core competencies within the UPD system landscape.»
Matthias Kümpel, Directorate Services and Operations, Co-Head ICT, Bern University Psychiatric Services (UPD) AG


Bern University Psychiatric Services (UPD) is the centre of excellence for psychiatry and psychotherapy in the capital region, and one of the most renowned psychiatric hospitals in Switzerland. To meet the challenges of a secure guest/patient WLAN, onway had to fulfil various requirements. These included a secure guest/patient WLAN with enhanced authentication, and providing employee logins as per their AD credentials for their personal devices. Furthermore, the IT department was relieved thanks to employees onboarding their own device, not to mention the legal obligations pursuant to the Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service (PTSS) being assumed.

onway solution

At UPD, we were able to meet the desired requirements with two of our own products: the multi-client-capable sponsoring portal (onway director) and the scalable mpp authentication solution. The sponsoring portal supports both the internal IT department and employees in securely assigning devices to the correct network. With various authentication options as well as individual design options for the landing page, mpp allows the UPD to set the page up according to their individual needs.

UPD reference report

Here you can download the reference report on the WLAN solution for the UPD.