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Simply surf while travelling

What was unimaginable just a few years ago is possible now: WLAN is easily accessible on public transport, the latest data on arrival times and connections is sent straight to your mobile phone, advertising screens draw passengers’ attention to supermarket sales promotions available at the next stop, passengers receive information about sights along the route, etc.

But for many, digitalisation is still intangible and inscrutable: “IT is always so complicated and expensive… Being able to reliably network different systems with minimal administrative effort? That sounds too good to be true!”

But you couldn’t be further from the truth: onway offers you a provider-independent digital customer interface that provides your passengers with WLAN – a feature that is increasingly in high demand. In addition, onway communication systems are used as the basis for many other tools that directly benefit the bus driver, operator and passengers.

Operators are always up-to-date – and passengers, too

onway provides the basic infrastructure to digitalise all applications in public transport. This includes the high-performance, secure and stable networking of vehicles and stops, as well as the central management of all components. WLAN therefore forms the digital interface between customers and employees, through which new digital and innovative services – such as personalised and context-dependent passenger information – can be continuously implemented.

Plug it in, install it and you’re all set

With little effort, you will benefit directly from countless possibilities offered by networked communication – whether to entertain and inform your passengers, report on the vehicle fleet, provide driver support and much more besides. We personalise our services to suit your vehicle fleet’s individual needs.

Information about our hardware:

White paper: integrated communication in public transport

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