«onway was able to implement our complex requirements and ever-evolving new ideas in a short period of time. This fantastic flexibility and stable WLAN at 80 train stations are proof that we have chosen the right partner.»
Ralph Hochmuth, SBB


As a special service for its passengers, SBB planned to successively equip 80 of the most important Swiss railway stations with WLAN. They were looking for a flexible, easy-to-manage platform that would provide WLAN access for passengers, SBB employees and companies based at the station. Users needed to be able to register once and simply – and without any additional administrative effort from SBB. What’s more, the solution had to be scalable in line with increasing usage volume and comply with legal requirements.

onway solution

onway was able to impress the Swiss Federal Railways with its internet access platform mpp, which is now used to register all those who use the free WiFi at railway stations. The platform makes it possible to introduce different models with graded access rights. In addition, onway builds and operates the central internet gateway for the SBB hotspots and ensures compliance with legal requirements. Over 100,000 passengers make use of SBB’s internet access every day.