Safe access to the network

The variety of network-enabled end devices is constantly increasing in companies. This creates significant administrative burden and raises concerns about safety. Thanks to the installation of access control solutions (Network Access Control, NAC), a large number of communicating devices can be controlled and provided with appropriate, fully automated network access.

onway’s Smart Network Access offers you a modular product portfolio, with which you can easily meet your customers’ individual network requirements. Whether you implement projects such as Guest Access, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or device management – our software products guarantee controlled access and can be used as an add-on in all network environments.

Smart Network Access

Thanks to the Smart Network Access product portfolio, onway offers a flexible and comprehensive network access control solution, which covers all aspects of controlled network access and also meets the legal requirements:

  • Automatic access for company-registered devices
  • Controlled access for employees’ personal devices (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Network or internet access for guests (Guest Access)
  • Automated access for devices that do not support certificate-based authentication (device management)

We would be delighted to arrange a personal meeting so we can show you why over one hundred companies have already decided to use our products and how your customers can also benefit.