Smart Access

Network Access Control

The variety of network-enabled end devices is constantly increasing in companies. This creates significant administrative burden and raises concerns about safety. Thanks to the installation of access control solutions (Network Access Control, NAC), a large number of communicating devices can be controlled and provided with appropriate, fully automated network access.
We recommend our customers use our complete NAC solution, which consists of the innovative mpp and macman products. It is non-proprietary and combines a variety of access methods. It is therefore currently one of the most flexible solutions on the market and meets the requirements of medium and large companies alike.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Employees’ private devices require access to e-mail/calendar and the Internet. By using our Network Access Control solution and benefiting from the expert support provided by our specialists, implementing your own BYOD strategy becomes child’s play – even if employees need to access internal company resources such as file shares, ERP systems and databases.

Device management

In many companies, there is a need to securely connect various devices such as printers, medical equipment and private smartphones to the network. macman gives each device appropriate and secure access to the network and reduces administrative effort.

Guest access with mpp

Guests and external employees require temporary and controlled internet access, which can be set up without administrative effort (self-service) and protected against abuse.
Thanks to our Access Portal solution, users can identify themselves via a web browser. By creating individual authorisation profiles and the corresponding rules, mpp controls network access and also stores the legally required metadata.
We would like to invite you to discuss your specific requirements during a personal meeting with us. onway will find the optimal solution for you and support you to implement your projects related to BYOD, guest access and device management via WLAN.

Information brochure Smart Network Access

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We invite you to contact us for an appointment in order to discuss your specific requirements in a meeting. We would appreciate to professionally support you regarding your BYOD, Guest Access and Device Management project via WLAN. We are convinced to find the best solution for you.