WLAN for passengers and internal applications

Nowadays, public internet access is not only essential for business, but is also used while commuting to work, during our free time and while on holiday. Surveys among commuters and visitors to tourist regions have shown that guests now expect a WiFi hotspot as part of the service package. Internet access via WLAN is of particular benefit to those who have mobile devices without SIM cards, pay high roaming charges or whose mobile network does not provide good quality reception in the region.

One network for numerous services

WLAN on public transport is not only of great benefit to guests and passengers: If a company wants to make the network only partially public or indeed not at all public, the infrastructure offers an optimal solution to network various internal services, such as networking stops for more precise timetable information, ticket checks on trains using a smartphone, departure displays, measuring passenger flows and much more.

A single professional WLAN infrastructure offers countless possible uses:

How do you benefit as an operator of a public WLAN?

  • Improved image
  • Free advertising thanks to users posting on social media platforms
  • Additional revenue through different tariff models and placing third-party advertising
  • Getting to know customers by creating movement profiles, targeted surveys, loyalty programmes, competitions etc.

Why choose professional WLAN?

  • Compliance with legal requirements (user authentication)
  • Secure data storage
  • The security, stability and performance of the internal network is not impaired
  • Central administration of different user profiles and communication devices
  • Definable user models (free/chargeable, time-limited, different bandwidths)

We would be delighted to set up a no-obligation appointment to show you which additional advantages and application possibilities are available to you by using a professional WLAN.