«Thanks to the powerful WLAN connection on our trains, our passengers can share their impressions directly with loved ones at home.»
René Keller, Head of Rolling Stock Projects, Rhaetian Railway

Initial position

In 2016, onway ag (formerly WLAN-Partner AG) installed public WLAN at the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) station in St. Moritz as part of a pilot project. Further stations in the RhB network followed. This powerful WLAN is now also being made available to passengers on the train.

onway solution

On the hardware side, the RhB used mobile routers in the on3800 series, certified by our partner NetModule AG, to simply network large fleets. All data traffic from the vehicle is consolidated using these vehicle routers and routed through a secure VPN tunnel via the mobile network to onway’s data centre.
The VPN tunnel terminates here. The data centre fulfils all central functions such as user authentication,
filtering and monitoring user traffic, as well as limiting bandwidths and fulfilling the legal requirements
according to the SPTA.

Rhaetian Railways reference report

Here you can download the reference report on Rhaetian Railway's WLAN solution.