Mobility with 5G

Mobility is one of the most important topics associated with 5G technology. Public transport offers a wide variety of applications for high-speed mobile phone technology – both in urban and in agglomeration areas. With the on2800 and on3800, onway already offers two proven, well-established devices for the transport sector. We are now expanding our range in the field of 5G technology with the on4850 5G data centre and the on3850 railway router, which is currently in its test phase.

5G for Public Transport

5G is ideally suited for the following applications in public transport:

  • Passenger information and entertainment
  • Passenger WLAN
  • Video surveillance and accessibility
  • High-precision maps with updated additional information
  • Support for autonomous driving
  • Remote driving and concierge service

Of course, the applications mentioned are still possible with LTE (4G). However, optimal functionality is not guaranteed via the LTE network for applications that rely on continuous real-time transmission (e.g. autonomous driving). This is due to the lower speed at which data is transmitted.

Why is a 5G Evaluation Router Needed?

Tests, data sheets and field reports on 5G in the smartphone environment have thus far achieved positive results and adequate data rates. In long-term use and under practical conditions, however, lower transmission rates are to be expected. Nevertheless, it is essential for us – and our customers – to build on broad-based experiences before we actively launch a product on the market. With the on3850 evaluation router, we have the opportunity to test the performance across a wide range of application areas and characteristics before its official launch. It is important to us that we only market a product when it meets our own standards and our customers’ high demands.

Would you like to become a test user?

Are you interested in testing our 5G evaluation router on3850? We would be happy to let you know about the requirements and possibilities without obligation.

on3850 evaluation router

on3850 is based on the established router models on2800 and on3800. The modular architecture of both product lines enables a functional integration of 5G modem modules thanks to standardised interfaces. This provides the user with a tool to test the installation and application of 5G routers in public transport and the performance of the new 5G mobile communications standard, as well as to prepare the installation and application effectively and efficiently.

The on3850 is a powerful and robust 5G mobile router designed for rail applications. With its rail industry approvals, versatility, safety features and performance, it is ideal for applications such as fleet management, passenger information and video surveillance.

Its features include a 5G NR module, a WLAN access point with the latest IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) standard, GNSS for positioning, and 2 Gigabit and 3 Fast Ethernet ports. The router complies with the mandatory requirements of EN 50155 (pending) and EN 45545-2. Communication interfaces include hardened connectors, including M12 for Ethernet, and TNC connectors for antenna connections.

Combined with our software – specially developed for the rail and bus sector – it is possible to network large vehicle fleets simply and reliably.

Datasheet on3850

Here you can find the technical datasheet for our system on3850. Click "Request download". The appropriate download will be e-mailed to you.