The operating system for continuous, reliable networking

The Cloud-based Advanced Router Linux Operating System – CarlOS for short – is an operating system developed by onway for network devices such as (mobile) routers and switches or virtual network appliances. It is portable and can be used on a wide range of hardware.
Our operating system is based on the Linux kernel and carefully selected open-source components. The CarlOS core functions are proprietary software developments and onway ag intellectual property. Thanks to our software specialists’ in-house expertise, which is available at any time, customised extensions and adaptations can be implemented reliably and in consistently high quality.

Complete solution for guest WLAN and secure client authentication

CarlOS-based devices are centrally managed and administered via the onway director. When combined with the onway products mpp and macman in the back-end, CarlOS devices can act as an access point via WLAN or Ethernet as part of a complete solution for guest WLAN and secure client authentication via network access control.

Information sheet CarlOS

Here you can find some information about the operating system «CarlOS». Click on «Request download». The corresponding download will be sent to you directly by e-mail.

Our software is developed exclusively in Switzerland by our own specialists.