«onway offers the professional and flexible WLAN access solution that we need for modern sports hall operation. Operating and maintaining the system does not require any additional effort and we are on the safe side as a hotspot provider – our requirements are met to the full.»
Robert Locher, Zurich Sports Office


Due to the requirements of sports associations in relation to organising national and international championships and major, the Zurich Sports Office was looking for a professional WLAN solution for the Saalsporthalle sports hall. This WLAN solution is intended to ensure fast, highly available internet access for staff, tournament directors, etc., to facilitate live reporting and administrative work during tournaments.
Furthermore, public WLAN is to be made easily available to athletes and the public, while organisers are to be guaranteed secure access to their own network infrastructure during major events.

onway solution

The Zurich Sports Office uses a WLAN access solution operated in the cloud at the Saalsporthalle. The service platform, consisting of the mpp product and a RADIUS server, is operated on a server installed in the onway data centre. This means that the Sports Office does not have to worry about maintenance or installing updates. onway also provides support via remote access (VPN). mpp is a captive portal/router/firewall/content filter that is responsible for the web authentication of users and compliance with legal requirements. Using the RADIUS server, the sports hall administration staff can create guest accesses for prioritised user groups.