Public WLAN

Online everywhere

Nowadays, WLAN hotspots are not only available in airports, hotels and restaurant chains. Easy-to-use, stable internet access is expected almost everywhere: in meeting rooms, in publicly accessible company areas such as waiting rooms and canteens, and in conference centres, but also in hospitals, administrative buildings, in public places, in public baths, sports halls, around tourist attractions, at railway stations and on trains/buses, etc.
Customers, partners, suppliers and other visitors require temporary and controlled internet access. Such access should be granted without any administrative burden, while also preventing misuse and complying with the law. As a result, different procedures are available for establishing access: Guests request their personal access data via SMS or receive them from an employee.

onway’s mpp solution is a very flexible and highly scalable PWLAN platform that allows you to support any type of guest access, while keeping the administrative effort low and still covering legal and security requirements at all times.