A secure and efficient network is particularly important in hospitals, educational institutes, police and fire stations, as well as in cantonal and municipal administrations. The effort and costs required to ensure secure operation, management and administration of the different access rights must be kept as low as possible.

Public places

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are part of our everyday life. Nowadays, having access to the internet is indispensable. However, many users find it too cumbersome to set up a virtual hotspot for their tablets and laptops using their smartphone. The demand for public WLAN is rising continuously.

Educational institutes

University and school employees as well as students are no longer tethered to fixed PC workstations. They work in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, canteens or even outdoors using their own mobile devices. The IT department therefore faces the challenge of ensuring good network accessibility throughout the area while also securing the network infrastructure against unauthorised access. At the same time, the effort and costs associated with secure operation, managing the different access rights and user support must be kept as low as possible.

We can offer you a scalable, easy-to-manage and high-performance solution. Benefit from our experience in setting up and operating secure, fast WLAN in public institutions.


When setting up wireless networks, hospitals face major challenges such as establishing secure data networks for clinical information systems, voice over WLAN, localising devices in real time and providing convenient internet access for staff, patients and visitors alike.

Given that we have successfully completed many projects in the hospital environment, we have proven expertise when it comes to comprehensively planning and implementing a secure WLAN network. We can also provide round-the-clock support if requested.