In recent years, we have successfully planned and implemented WLAN and Network Access Control solutions for over one hundred customers in various sectors. Below you will find a small selection of the companies with whom we were able to complete exciting projects. Many thanks for the excellent cooperation!

Banking | Insurance

The Aargauische Kantonalbank already had WLAN infrastructure for e-Consulting and Bring Your Own Device. To reduce the IT department’s administrative effort and to meet extended WLAN requirements, a flexible, easy-to-manage Network Access Control solution was sought. This required secure, traceable guest access, authentication of employees’ personal devices and straightforward self-administration.

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Retail industry

Exhibitions | Event organisers

Due to the requirements of sports associations in relation to organising national and international championships and tournaments, the Zurich Sports Office was looking for a professional WLAN solution for the Saalsporthalle sports hall. This WLAN solution is intended to ensure fast, highly available internet access for staff, tournament directors, etc., to facilitate live reporting and administrative work during tournaments.

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Public transport

In the course of procuring new rolling stock, Jungfrau Railways was looking for a flexible communication platform that would ensure the communication of all in-train systems to the outside world. What’s more, the possibility of having IP network access to customer information systems, and the camera and WLAN connection in the depots were also key evaluation aspects.

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The Skymetro (Automated People Mover) is an underground funicular at Zurich Airport. In the space of one hour, it can carry up to 4200 passengers between the Airside Center and Dock E, over 1.1 kilometres away. The aim was to establish a WLAN network that could be used to control the unmanned trains. The most important criterion was to ensure uninterrupted roaming at high speeds.
The conditions of the moving Skymetro trains in the tunnels between the Airside Center and Midfield Dock provide a challenging environment for the wireless infrastructure. onway’s experienced systems engineers created site surveys, carried out roaming tests and various measurements to implement the best solution for this project.

PostBus is Switzerland’s leading bus company in the public transport sector and transports over 140 million passengers per year in around 2200 vehicles. This innovative transport company wanted to provide its passengers with high-performance, rapid WLAN as a special service during the journey. To implement this idea, PostBus needed a suitable platform that is very easy to manage and also makes value-added services – such as real-time vehicle information – available.

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With over 5 million people in the connected area and 809 million passenger movements in 2019, Rhine-Main Transport Network (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, RMV) is one of the largest transport associations in Germany. What’s more, it offers one of the largest public WLAN networks in the country. In recent years, RMV has started to establish a network of express bus routes, partly consisting of new connections and partly developed from existing routes. Introducing WLAN on these express bus routes is part of a comprehensive WLAN strategy.

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As a special service for its passengers, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) planned to successively equip 80 of the most important Swiss railway stations with WLAN. They were looking for a flexible, easy-to-manage platform that would provide WLAN access for passengers, SBB employees and companies based at the station. Users needed to be able to register once and simply – and without any additional administrative effort from SBB. What’s more, the solution had to be scalable in line with increasing usage volume and comply with legal requirements.

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Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg Public Transport (VVV) and onway began working together in 2015 as part of a pilot project when 20 city buses in Feldkirch, Austria, were equipped with passenger WLAN. Following a successful test phase and since customers enjoyed this additional service, a public invitation to tender was issued in relation to equipping further public transport vehicles. Passengers now enjoy free WLAN on a total of 61 buses in the city bus fleets of Bregenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch and Bludenz, as well as the local bus fleet in the Kumma region. A further 53 long-distance buses were equipped over the coming months.

To cut costs, Zurich Airport has switched most of its business processes from paper to digital procedures. Zurich Airport’s daily business includes baggage handling, flight operations, aircraft maintenance and passenger transportation, all of which require online connections for countless data, voice and surveillance applications. Among other things, barcode scanners, laptops, PCs in vehicles and smartphones are successfully used for these purposes. Changing weather conditions (e.g. rain, fog or snow) pose additional challenges for high-performance network connections.
onway supports public transport institutions such as Zurich Airport to design, engineer and troubleshoot their various WLAN networks.

Public institutions

Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich is one of the world’s leading technical and scientific universities. It has around 18,500 students from over 110 countries, including 4000 doctoral students. Around 500 professors currently teach and conduct research in a wide variety of fields.
ETH Zurich was looking for a guest access solution that would provide guest speakers and event participants on both campuses (Central and Höngg) with stable, secure internet access quickly and easily. This solution will also be used to integrate devices into the network that are not IEEE 802.1x-capable.

The University Hospital of Zurich has decided to build a WLAN network that covers the entire university campus with over 50 buildings. Applications such as voice over WLAN and real-time localisation systems require comprehensive and uninterrupted network coverage. This is necessary both on the nursing wards and in the corridors, lifts and tunnels.
A particular requirement in the hospital sector is the location of expensive medical equipment, which must be located quickly in urgent cases. Localisation must be highly accurate in departments such as emergency rooms, intensive care units and operating theatres.