Easily set up, control, monitor and manage communication

The onway director uses a uniform management system to administer both fixed devices, such as ticket machines at stops, and mobile devices in buses, trains and trams.

The multi-client-capable onway director supports you to initially install devices, as well as configuring, managing and cataloguing them. Devices and applications are monitored, and, in the event of an error, employees are alerted immediately. Extensive logging of data facilitates troubleshooting and allows remote diagnosis. Direct access to each component allows changes or software updates to be made efficiently and without on-site intervention. The content of passenger information systems and marketing messages shared via passenger WLAN can be managed and controlled easily.

Key Functions

  • Lifecycle management of communication infrastructure
  • Auto-provisioning of new devices
  • Convenient interface for configuration changes
  • Inventory / logistics (e. g. serial numbers, SIM cards, PIN/PUK, vehicle allocation, storing installation reports)
  • Support for logistics processes (e. g. for repairs or component replacements)
  • Software updates

Information sheet onway director

Here you can find the information sheet for our software onway director. Click on "Request download". The corresponding download will be sent to you directly by e-mail.

Our software is developed exclusively in Switzerland by our own specialists.