Ideal Base Infrastructure for all Digitisation Projects

The on4800/4850 is a fanless, maintenance-free server/router for on-board applications in the transport sector, such as buses and trains. Thanks to container virtualisation, several applications including passenger information, entertainment, passenger counting and storage of monitoring data can be operated simultaneously on the same hardware. Quality of service and firewall functionalities ensure that different security and capacity requirements can be met at all times.

The on4800/4850 runs onway’s proprietary operating system for network devices and is installed and maintained entirely through our cloud-based management system. Only in this way can innovative mobility applications be installed, tested and also continuously updated with new functions/releases flexibly and without having to go on site.

High-end Processor Performance

The on4800/4850 is based on AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000 APU family offering an excellent performance-per-watt ratio and hardware-based security and encryption features. With up to four powerful processor cores and AMD virtualisation support, as well as up to 32 GB of soldered DDR4 SDRAM, the on4800/4850 offers powerful computing to efficiently handle data-intensive workloads.
With its high-performance Quad Core x86-64 CPU, the on4800/4850 achieves over 1000 Mbps throughput (1000 Mbps VPN throughput via LTE/5G), which also allows extensive applications such as real-time video surveillance.

Multiple Skills to Cover All Communication Needs

The x-4800/4850 serves as the communication centre for all applications. Up to six 5G cellular modems provide a bundled vehicle-to-ground connection at gigabit speeds. 802.11ax WLAN, Bluetooth, LoRa and Zigbee are other supported radio technologies, including for IoT applications and communicating with passengers’ devices. Four gigabit ethernet connections provide the systems and users in the vehicle with sufficient capacity to entertain passengers with video streaming while travelling, for example. Other available interfaces include CAN/FMS, USB, RS-232 and GPS/GNSS.

Possible applications for on4800/4850:

  • On-board ticketing computer
  • Passenger information/infotainment
  • Entertainment server (e.g. as a travel portal with video streaming for passengers)
  • Communication centre for gigabit-fast (5G) vehicle-to-ground communication
  • CAN gateway for processing vehicle data (e.g. for fleet management, maintenance tasks, eco-drive, etc.)
  • Storage and management of surveillance data (e.g. video surveillance)

Datasheet on4800

Here you can find the technical datasheet for our system on4800. Click "Request download". The appropriate download will be e-mailed to you.