WLAN on a short holiday or for sport

We are more and more used to having impeccable WLAN reception everywhere. This also applies when enjoying short camping holidays or during our spare time, such as at the golf club. Visitors may want to explore nearby sights, look up an itinerary or even check the latest tournament results.

To use mobile devices productively while on site, it is necessary to provide visitors with stable and fast internet access throughout the facility. When planning a wireless network, it is essential to consider the structural conditions and high user numbers. Only with an adequate increase in capacity (bandwidth) can several hundred users be reliably provided with simultaneous access. The company’s own business-critical applications also require extended service levels compared with guests who are simply surfing.

We will consider these and many other aspects, as well as other possible applications in detail during a no-obligation meeting with you. We would be delighted to support you to implement and operate your WLAN project. Benefit from the expertise we have acquired through completing many other projects.