PostBus is Switzerland’s leading bus company in the public transport sector and transports over 140 million passengers per year in around 2200 vehicles. This innovative transport company wanted to provide its passengers with high-performance, rapid WLAN as a special service during the journey. To implement this idea, PostBus needed a suitable platform that is very easy to manage and also makes value-added services – such as real-time vehicle information – available.

onway solution

onway was chosen as the partner to implement this demanding project and delivered the communication platform for the vehicle fleet and a secure authentication solution. Thanks to this solution, all legal requirements are met since passengers must complete a one-off registration. A proprietary multi-client-capable administration solution (RMS) has been developed to manage and operate the PostBus vehicles, of which there are now over 1750. This makes it possible to display region-specific information or advertising to customers, to monitor vehicle locations, internet use (updated daily) and the device status at any time. Currently, almost 40,000 PostBus passengers use WLAN every day.