Expanding the modern ICT network infrastructure

Happy about the gradual expansion of the modern ICT network in the vehicles of Bus und Service AG: Urban Schmed (IT/Telematics) and Christoph Bollinger (Team Leader Sales, Services & IT).

In order to fulfil the requirements of the Venda ticket sales system, which will be introduced in the Chur region in 2023, Bus und Service AG (BuS) evaluated a secure, stable and high-performance bus-land mobile connection. As the operator of Chur Bus and Engadin Bus, BuS operates around 3.6 million kilometres per year with 54 vehicles on scheduled services.

To realise automated device provisioning and management as well as a modern ICT network approach, onway had planned tests with a managed switch. The recommended on2800 routers already have two Wi-Fi modems, so that no hardware variants will be in circulation if a passenger Wi-Fi is implemented.

Pilot operation with on2800

The pilot phase in summer 2023 with five on2800 routers was successful and the entire vehicle fleet was equipped with this model. During the conversion in autumn, the managed switch and an internal Wi-Fi were connected for service purposes on a trial basis.

Gradual expansion of modern ICT network infrastructure

In the following months, the network design on the vehicles will be revised, the passenger Wi-Fi will be put into operation and further components such as the video surveillance system will be integrated. There are also plans to expand the monitoring and alarming functionality via the onway backend. “We are very satisfied with the good connectivity of the new system and the go-live went smoothly,” says Urban Schmed, Head of IT/Telematics at BuS. “Thanks to the great technical support and the excellent partnership with onway, we will gradually expand our modern ICT network infrastructure over the next few years.”