The on5800 is a low-maintenance server/router (mobile data centre-in-a-box) for all on-board applications in the transport sector, for example trams and trains. Thanks to virtualisation (VM, container), several applications such as passenger information, infotainment, passenger counting, passenger WLAN, storage of monitoring data can be operated simultaneously on the same hardware.

  • High-performance Intel 8 Core x86-64 CPU
  • Extensive communication interfaces: 2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, up to 6 x 5G mobile radio, 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6e, GNSS, 16 digital I/O, USB-C etc.
  • Quality of service and firewall functionalities ensure that different security and capacity requirements can be met at all times.
  • Automatic «zero touch» deployment ex works, i.e. devices can be installed directly from production and no manual configuration work is required (cloud-managed)
  • Secure transmission of user data via VPN (IPsec with certificates)

Possible applications for on5800:

  • Mobile data centre for all vehicle-side applications
  • 100 % cloud-managed
  • Communication centre for multi-gigabit-fast vehicle-to-land communication
  • Storage and management of all types of data, e.g. monitoring data

Datasheet on5800

Here you can find the technical datasheet for our system on5800. Click "Request download". The appropriate download will be e-mailed to you.