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NET POWER SHOT #4 + #5: Wi-Fi 6E and outlook on Wi-Fi 7/8

In this NET POWER SHOT #4 video, Fabian Beck shares his experiences regarding the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E at onway. He will discuss the differences between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E and explain the resulting challenges and necessary adjustments. He will report on the possibilities of introducing Wi-Fi 6E in the enterprise environment and explain […]

Central vehicle network infrastructure in public transport

Aargau Verkehr AG (AVA) was looking for an integrated communication solution to offer passengers even greater convenience and to simplify communication between the individual vehicles and the control centre. The aim of this solution was to provide passengers with a high-performance Wi-Fi free of charge and […]

Powerful network in a challenging environment

Kuratle & Jaecker AG is a Swiss company that operates in the wood processing sector and serves
commercial enterprises nationwide in the wood processing sector with a diverse range of products.
The company modus one ag specialises in the implementation and maintenance of network solutions and IT infrastructures for companies and was commissioned by Kuratle & Jaecker to […]

Workshop: CySec in Public Transport

In collaboration with our partner Compass Security, we are pleased to offer you a workshop in which we enable you to implement security policies through an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and understand their impact on operations and processes. In addition, we provide the necessary domain knowledge to implement cybersecurity measures in the areas of […]

NET POWER SHOT #3: IoT as a business case for your existing Wireless

In this video, Anna Summerauer, Systems Engineer at Cisco, explains how you can easily and effectively deploy IoT solutions in your business environment. IoT services are part of our Cisco Spaces platform, allowing them to leverage their existing Cisco network infrastructure. Thanks to the BLE radio built into our catalyst access points, the access point […]

A reliable WLAN connection is crucial

In 2019, onway carried out the first WLAN simulation for the new Baden Cantonal Hospital (Kantonsspital Baden, KSB) based on the existing construction plans. This summer, once the walls and doors had been fitted, but while construction work was still ongoing, site survey measurements were carried out to verify where best to place over 800 […]

Stable network for study and research purposes

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) is funded by the six cantons of Central Switzerland. With around 8,300 students in education, over 5,200 people taking CAS, DAS and MAS programmes, as well as 350 new research and development projects, it is the largest educational institution in Central Switzerland. To maintain this high […]

VDV – Stadler Rail Valencia: onway solution soon on the road in 6 more cities

Stadler Rail Valencia (STAV) has won a tender from the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to supply six cities with Citylink trams. The clients are four transport companies from Germany and two from Austria: Karlsruhe Transport Services (Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe, VBK), Albtal Transport Corporation (Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft, AVG, Karlsruhe), Saarbahn Transport Network (Saarbahn-Netz, Saarbrücken) and the Neckar-Alb […]

busworld 2023 starts in 31 days

busworld is the trade fair for the coach and bus sector worldwide, it is organised every two years. The 25th busworld was held in 2019 and was visited by 40 000 professionals. The 511 exhibitors came out of 37 visitors from 143 countries. We are very pleased to once again be personally represented with a […]

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