Video: Automated testing of the onway router

The Hardware Integration Test (HIT) system is an important pillar of quality management for the development of the onway router operating system CarlOS. It enables developers to test the software and its interactions with real hardware consistently and automatically under realistic laboratory conditions.

The hardware setup consists of router models (Devices Under Test) used by onway’s customers, a controller and various peripherals including a Software Defined Radio to also test the radio interfaces of the routers. To operate the HIT system, the specially developed software works in a similar way to well-known CI/CD solutions. The difference is that firmware, configurations and telemetry data for testing are orchestrated and monitored directly on the real router hardware. The workflow for the developers is fully automated from the generation and signing of the firmware images, to the web-based dashboard to view the progress of the tests and the state of the test queue.

In our video, our embedded software engineer explains how our quality management works. Please note that the video is in german language.

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