NET POWER SHOT #3: IoT as a business case for your existing Wireless

In this video, Anna Summerauer, Systems Engineer at Cisco, explains how you can easily and effectively deploy IoT solutions in your business environment. IoT services are part of our Cisco Spaces platform, allowing them to leverage their existing Cisco network infrastructure. Thanks to the BLE radio built into our catalyst access points, the access point can act as a gateway between IoT devices and the Cisco Spaces platform. We also offer integrations with various sensor manufacturers that enable the implementation of diverse use cases. For example, do you want to optimise the use of workspaces and improve the well-being of visitors? You can use sensors to measure temperature, humidity, etc. in the premises or use Wi-Fi data to record the current occupancy of buildings and thus ensure a safe and pleasant working environment. This example is one of many other use cases that we can enable with our solution.

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