Make good use of waiting times: Your guest WLAN is also an advertising platform

Do you make your customers wait for you from time to time? Nowadays, waiting times are usually shortened by surfing the Internet on your personal smartphone to browse online news or check e-mails. For this, your customers also check directly whether a freely accessible WLAN is available – why not yours?

Have you ever thought about how it would be if your customer already on the login page for your guest WLAN…

…could deal directly with your company, e.g. with your current promotions?

…could familiarise themselves with information from your advertising partners?

…could still use your guest WLAN, regardless of which waiting area they are in?

How nice would that be, if this waiting time of the customers would turn into something positive…

All just dreams of the future?

We don’t think so: Ask us and we will show you your individual possibilities, how we have already solved exactly these requirements with many customers of all sizes!

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