Focus on cyber security: A presentation by Beat Stettler

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, from 9:25 to 9:55 a.m.

At the 15th German Public Transport Day in Koblenz

We are pleased to announce that Beat Stettler will give his presentation entitled “Fünf notwendige Architekturänderungen für mehr Cybersicherheit in Koblenz.

His presentation, held in German, will focus on the following five points:

Decoupling hardware and software

In the past, in-vehicle applications have been sold as products that tightly integrate hardware and software, preventing the rapid implementation of security measures. The most important architectural change is therefore the strict separation of HW and SW through a hypervisor (virtualisation), as it is much easier to implement isolation and security measures in a virtual environment to minimise vulnerabilities and reduce attack vectors.

Centralised management of all components

In the past, each vehicle was configured individually. However, only a centralised approach to managing and monitoring ICT components enables a better overview and faster responses to potential security breaches.

Regular software updates

Software and operating system updates with USB sticks on the vehicle are (too) time-consuming and expensive. However, consistent and timely software updates are crucial to fix vulnerabilities and protect against new threats.

End-to-end network zoning

The implementation of comprehensive network segmentation (not only on the vehicle side but also on the land side) ensures effective isolation of critical assets and restricts the lateral movement of potential attackers.

Centralised authentication and monitoring protocols

Personal accounts and centralised authentication increase security by ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to resources. Audit logs create traceability in the event of problems

With the aim of creating a new understanding of the need for cyber security in local transport, Beat Stettler presents a pragmatic approach to proactively counter today’s cyber threats.

Here is the detailed programme (in German) and further information on the 15th German Public Transport Day (in German).