You need more than WLAN and this is why WLAN-Partner is changing its name to onway

When we founded our sister company WLAN-Partner 16 years ago, there were only a few companies that had the expertise to successfully implement wireless LAN projects – even in difficult environments such as factories, logistics centres, hospitals and underground railways. Yet even some hundreds of projects later, we still want to be your reliable partner.


  • The rapid spread of IoT devices has hugely increased the complexity of all access networks (LAN, WLAN and mobile). Alongside security and zoning issues, many companies are faced with problems when managing a rapidly growing flood of devices.
  • Wireless technologies have developed rapidly. In addition to WLAN, mobile telephony (5G), Bluetooth, Zigbee and LoRa all play an increasingly important role in the corporate environment.
  • Nowadays, access networks also include mobile settings such as vehicles (trucks, buses, trains) and temporary structures (pop-up stores, in-store stores, exhibitions, trade fairs).

Hence, our current projects all revolve around the complete access area: LAN, WLAN, mobile – including micro segmentation – as well as managing devices of various kinds. In addition to the standard products of the major manufacturers, this requires customised software developments that allow us to automatically integrate our customers’ entire management processes into their existing IT systems.

The name “onway” reflects being “on the move” and covers the entire range of needs arising from mobile applications. We are your specialist and reliable partner for

  • redesigning your access networks (LAN/WLAN/mobile); classic and software-defined.
  • automating the management processes of devices (internal/external/guests) from commissioning through to the next life cycle.
  • developing mobile or temporary locations, but also means of transport such as trucks, buses, trains and underground railways, which must be seamlessly integrated into the company network.

In recent years, we have been able to build up a loyal customer base across all these areas. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Together with the onway ag our sister company AG will be called onway (Schweiz) AG from 01/01/2021. 

This does not represent a change of strategy. Since our foundation, we have been developing solutions for mobile people who want to be networked on the move. The name onway highlights this dynamic and mobility.

Once we have adopted our new company name, all your usual contact persons will remain unchanged and all contracts will remain valid – only the company’s name is changing.

Together with our entire team, we are looking forward to remaining your reliable partner for these matters in the future and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.