Apple iOS 14 upgrade tested

Following a software update on an iPhone, you may experience problems connecting to a WiFi hotspot. As Apple is due to release iOS 14 imminently, we have thoroughly tested this update on our systems.

In this version, Apple is integrating the “Private WiFi addresses” (Private MAC Address) function – which is already available on Android 10 – into their operating system.

We have established the following:

  • The MAC address is retained and remains unchanged for known SSIDs. Interaction with mpp/macman is therefore as before, despite the option under “Settings – WLAN – <>” being set to “Private Address”.
  • When the device connects to a new SSID, a new SSID-specific MAC address is generated as standard. However, this remains consistent for an SSID, even if the SSID is forgotten and re-learned. Therefore, devices running Apple iOS 14 behave identically to devices running Android 10.



The iOS devices connect as before following the update to iOS 14. They behave in a similar way to Android-based devices.