Lukas Toggenburger

Systems Engineer

along with onway - how long have you been on board?

I've been working at onway since December 2022.

What tasks does your role include?

As a systems engineer and software developer, I have three areas of responsibility: Firstly, I implement improvements to our internal infrastructure, e.g. I write new checks to monitor our servers and services, thereby preventing interruptions for our customers. Secondly, I create network solutions according to our customers' requirements, such as connecting supermarkets with WLAN to enable payment by mobile phone. Thirdly, I work as a consultant for external companies to train and support them in the implementation of modern software development, including CI pipelines and end-to-end tests.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

I like the fact that my work is so varied: although we do "networking" every day, every task requires new thinking, expertise and often creativity to come up with a suitable solution.

Which technologies and topics do you come across in your job?

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) runs on our servers as well as on my workstation. I mainly programme in Python, but sometimes I do smaller things with Bash. We carry out configurations with Ansible. To do my job, I also need a good understanding of network protocols and web technologies.

What professional expertise are you bringing to the table?

Earlier stages in my career took me into the natural hazard monitoring and blue light alerting sectors. These are not very fault-tolerant and have sharpened my awareness of the need for robustness and the management of edge cases.

What are your plans for the future, what do you definitely want to achieve with onway?

Through automation, we can serve the constantly growing number of customers with less effort but consistently high quality. Configurations should be made as declaratively and centrally as possible so that it is always clear who made a change, when and why.

Why onway? For me, working at onway means...

I like working in a motivated and highly competent team that helps each other to progress and also enjoys spending free time together. I also enjoy a lot of freedom in the way I organise my work.

Any final words?

"This page intentionally left blank."