Dirk Güthlin

Dirk Güthlin

Account Manager +41 58 404 99 00

along with onway - how long have you been on board?

I started here in Zurich in February 2023.

What tasks does your role include?

The job title "Account Manager" in an SME is usually associated with a wide range of tasks. This is also the case at onway. The majority of my tasks involve providing technical advice to customers and identifying solutions that can then be implemented. However, customer care does not end after the sale, but can also involve project management tasks and after-sales activities.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

As I mentioned above, meeting customers' needs and realising them with high-end solutions such as those offered by onway. I also personally enjoy providing end-to-end customer support. Who hasn't had the experience of being promised something by person A that person B then can't fulfil!

Which technologies and topics do you come across in your job?

Basically, it's about designing, setting up and operating networks. I am particularly responsible for the transport sector, where there are stationary challenges as well as mobile applications in buses and trains. Secure and reliable communication with ever-increasing bandwidth as well as monitoring and accessibility are increasingly in demand.

What professional expertise are you bringing to the table?

I was a hardware developer for electronics in a critical environment for many years before switching to the public transport sector in 2019. From my previous job, I have experience and contacts in ticketing and passenger information. This fits in perfectly with oway's customer base.

What are your plans for the future, what do you definitely want to achieve with onway?

As onway uses the latest and most modern technology, which is especially scalable for large fleets, a leap outside Europe also makes perfect sense. Topics such as cybersecurity are an issue worldwide, although traditional providers in the transport sector don't really dare to tackle them. I see a great opportunity here in lucrative metropolises.

Why onway? For me, working at onway means...

I think it's a bit of a personal preference thing. I've already had the chance to get a taste of the corporate world, but I prefer to be able to rely on my work colleagues, who I know personally and see every day.

Any final words?

Perhaps it was no coincidence that I met the lady from HR here at onway as the last person on the dance floor at a trade fair network night.