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Amazing possibilities with Bluetooth tracking

onway has supported a research project being conducted at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences on the topic of “Bluetooth Tracking”. As part of their Bachelor’s thesis, two students investigated what tracking possibilities are afforded by today’s Bluetooth applications. The results are astounding. Firstly, many “wearables” – such as commonly used Bluetooth headphones or […]

Site surveys: Good planning is the key

For new installations, extensions or large-scale systems, the access points’ location is not only crucial for performance, but also ensures the greatest possible coverage of a WLAN network. To determine the best location, we carry out detailed measurements on site, hence why they’re called «site surveys». Over the course of this interview, Armin Walt, Systems […]

Successful ITxPT certification

onway is actively involved in ITxPT and this summer our on2810 vehicle router successfully passed ITxPT certification.The on2810 is based on the proven on2800 with our CarlOS operating system, but with M12 connections for the automotive sector and a newly developed ITxPT software stack. The ITxPT project creates an open standard to enable interoperability between […]

Getting 5G on track together

With the on2800 and on3800 , onway already offers two proven, well-established devices for the transport sector. We are now expanding the range in the field of 5G technology with the on4850 5G data centre and the on3850 railway router, which is currently in its test phase. And since it is important to us that we only market a […]

Replays of our NET POWER SHOTS

At the end of April, Cisco Switzerland and onway has jointly launched a programme focusing on sharing concentrated expertise for IT professionals. If you missed one of these short, free “NET POWER SHOT” webinar sessions or want to listen again, you can find the reviews here.

on4850: First 5G-enabled mobile data centre

The first mobile 5G data centre, on4850 from onway, is as easy as a mobile phone for your vehicle. The on4850 is a fanless, maintenance-free server/router for on-board applications in the transport sector, such as buses and trains. Thanks to container virtualisation, several applications including passenger information, entertainment, passenger counting and storage of monitoring data […]

Certification for ITxPT

The ITxPT project finally creates an open standard to enable interoperability between IT systems in public transport. Data exchange opens up a multitude of new possibilities for digitalising public transport and by extension, offers added value for operators and passengers. onway is actively involved in ITxPT and is in the final stages of certifying its products.

NET POWER SHOTS: An introduction to concentrated WLAN knowledge

At the end of April, Cisco Switzerland and onway will jointly launch a programme focusing on sharing concentrated expertise for IT professionals. During short free webinar sessions – called “NET POWER SHOTS” – specialists from onway & Cisco will share their practical WLAN knowledge for use in active day-to-day business and provide insights into Cisco’s […]

macman 3: Ultra-modern RADIUS solution

With the release of macman 3 in combination with onway director 4, we have created a state-of-the-art RADIUS solution that integrates seamlessly into our Smart Access product range. No matter whether you want to connect your devices to the network using MAB (Mac Authentication Bypass), PEAP (Protected EAP) or iPSK: We have created a simple […]

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