onway one of the 8 most innovative companies at the Railway Forum

Delegation der Deutschen Bahn AG am Messestand von onway am Railway-Forum 2021.

From more than 150 exhibitors, Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has selected onway as one of eight companies classified as particularly innovative at the Railway Forum 2021 in Berlin. We are very pleased that we were able to present our integrated communication solutions to the delegation of the DB board. Representing DB at our trade fair stand were, among others, Dr Levin Holle (Chief Financial Officer and Chief Logistics Officer), Jan Grothe (CPO), Ralf Lüthi (Head of Procurement General Requirements and Services), Marc Sichter (Head of Principles and Services Procurement) and Hans Peter Lang (CTO DB Group and Managing Director).

The delegation was particularly interested in our new passenger tracking solutions, which are based on Bluetooth and WLAN technology. Real-time displays of passenger numbers help to better influence the flow of passengers, especially in exceptional situations (such as major disruptions, storms, etc.).